Isaac M. Laddon


issac Laddon

David K. Stone

Born Garfield, New Jersey
December 25, 1894 – January 14,1976 an American aeronautical engineer and designer, joined the Consolidated Aircraft Company as Chief Engineer in 1927, and was assigned the task of placing the company solidly in the large bomber aircraft and flying boat field, a task he performed with eminent success. Within a year, Laddon produced the designs for the revolutionary XPY-1 Admiral Flying Boat for a Navy design competition. It first flew on January 22, 1929. Among his designs were the Admiral Flying Boat of 1928, first in the series of famed Consolidated seaplanes, and the world renowned PBY Catalina. His B-24 Liberator was the most produced bomber in World War II and it played a dominant role in air operations, then came his B-36 Peacemaker. Finally, Laddon was responsible for the sleek Convair Liners that were known in commerce throughout the world. In all this, “Mac” Laddon was there, personally, for he felt the ultimate designer’s responsibility; he flew with his own designs on every first flight.

Invested 1975 in the International Aerospace Hall of Fame