Recognizing R.C.A.F. PBY Canso 11024 Pilots and Crew

75 Year of Going Beyond

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Remembering and Honouring the Distinguished

Pilots and Crew of

PBY Canso 11024


121 Search and Rescue Squadron Canso aircraft over the city of Vancouver.

121 Search and Rescue Squadron Canso aircraft over the city of Vancouver.

Since 1939, the PBY has served the world in some of its most unfavourable conditions . A time of rugged self-reliant people, swept up in the the adventure of the moment with a strong sense of country and pride.

Looking Back


We honour the Brave and Distinguished Pilot and crew of PBY RCAF-11024.

The following pages are their stories as recalled from personal reflection, historical facts and  grandchildren musing as they curiously discover treasurers in the attic from an ol’ trunk, a pile of scattered papers or photographs with strange aircraft and family whose stories are from Days Of Ol’

A partial listing of the pilots and crew who flew in R.C.A.F. 11024

1944 – 1949

F/S Russell Redman
F/L Edward Scott
F/O Youghusband
S/L Chasson
S/L Neale
F/O Reynolds
F/L Knechtel
F/O Steinbart
F/L Fraser
F/L Roberts
F/L Hennigar
P/O Williams
S/L Moodie
F/O White
F/O Paushe
P/O Wilson

1950 – 1961

F/L Andrew Carswell
F/L Lawrence Pearson
F/O Carl Ensom
LAC Lionel Churchill
F/L Stevenson
F/O McFadden
F/O Morrison
F/O Ritchie
F/O Hunter
F/O Duvar
F/O Hinton
F/O Laroche
F/O Barlow

F/O Leleu
F/O Everard
F/O Arnold
F/O Beattie
F/O Nichelson
F/O Forbes
F/O Grant
F/O Hill
F/O Coneen
F/O Anderson
F/O Eppe
F/O Johnston
F/O Fielding
F/L Pedersen

F/O Murray
F/O Vincer
F/O Lewis
F/O Haugh
F/O Tweten
F/O Moir
F/O Williamson
F/O Melanson
F/O Logan
F/O Withenshaw
F/O Beauchamp
F/O Smith