Welcome to TCPS T.E.A.M.


Robert Dyck Director

Our Volunteer Community consists of Pilots, Maintenance Engineers, Aviation Instructors and Administrators and others who dream aviation.


Members of The Catalina Preservation Society are our heart, strength and Ambassadors and are highly valued for the rich contributions they make to our overall success.

There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities to choose from as diverse as the people who make up our membership. Some of these are in theĀ area of Operations, Educational Programs, Board committees and Special Projects.

The Volunteer Orientation booklet available online to each volunteer outlines the full range and scope of opportunities available.

Every effort will be made to match your interests and current skills with the needs of the Society, always allowing for opportunities to develop and learn new skills along the way.

Aircraft Mechanics

Our volunteers attend an education and training program to prepare for their roles safely and competently. Volunteer training will always be provided in a friendly, safe and encouraging environment.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain valuable experience, have fun, and get involved in the hands on business of the Society.
Derwyn Volunteer DirectorIf joining our volunteer community interests you, then please fill out the Volunteer Application

After completing and sending the application , the volunteer leader / coordinator will contact you to confirm participation and provide directions for this opportunity.


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