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Recognizing the PBY Catalina Heritage Worldwide


2016 PBY Update:

We began the Heritage BC sponsored Blister installation late in the winter of 2015 and by February of 2016 Victoria Air Maintenance had the blister frames installed.

Phase II: Blister Mold completed
Phase III: Harwood Composites has completed the inner plexi bits and the lads have installed them.

We are moving forward now to phase four: Harwood Composites are shaping the outer blister plexiglass.

With the PBY Repainting and Engine install projects completed in 2015 we managed somehow to sneak this little plane into (under the wire) the 2015 Abbotsford and Comox Airshow static display line-up. Sadly, we missed Boundary Bay airshow in 2015 but, if they will have us, we will do our level best to be a humble participant in 2016.

Her first landing after her new paint scheme

Her first landing after her new paint scheme

Pacific Flying Boats Ltd. and THE CATALINA PRESERVATION SOCIETYTM have embarked on a new adventure. Repainting PBY C-FUAW to traditional WWII R.C.A.F. Canso colours.

Transforming PBY  CF-UAW from today


to yesterday

With both engines having been removed and freighted to Idaho for overhaul we thought this a good opportunity to begin preparations for a clean new coat of white primer before a final finishing coat is sprayed and decals installed. We have moved the PBY across the Victoria BC Airport to Victoria Air Maintenance hangar to facilitate engine removal and re-installation and have been given space and time to work on repainting the PBY. When completed PBY CF-UAW will have been returned to traditional WWII RCAF colours.
We will post progress updates here on our website and on our Face Book page.

Renovatio …. New Beginning” Catalina Society

In the beginning… :-)

April 20, 2014 PBY CF-UAW is parked at Victoria Air Maintenance for our


PBY Repainting Project

We undertook the project in late April 2014 by washing the plane surfaces initially with Tide but quickly realized that Marine Bilge Cleaner was the choice of Pro’s. All area’s of the aircraft presented unique challenges scrubbing and removing years of built up gunk but extra time was required in the wheel and float wells removing old oil and grease and on the hull of its build up of gummy wax type amalgamation of engine, water and ground materials. With the surface squeaky clean we began chipping away the loose bits of paint with aluminum hand scrapers.   Stripping sanding, feathering and washing.

Over the past year Dave and Marc Scott from Nurndy Graphics and ForFire Enterprises in Langley BC have been researching the correct graphics and insignia’s used by the RCAF at #3 OTU Pat Bay. Their research took months to ensure the correct paint colour, lettering, numbers, font and proper insignia location culminating in two days of hard tedious installation work as Dave and Marc applied the decals snugly over the hundreds of small rivet heads. A busy two days this week and an awesome job indeed by everyone.

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By late 2014 with the PBY repainted to RCAF WWII colours we moved on to the Engines build-up and refurbishing the Blisters

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With the propellers off for inspection work was well underway hanging the engines in preparation for their first run-up. In the mean time, with lots of help from our membership we began tackling the interior. Blasting off and vacuuming loose paint chips, mopping and scrubbing out the bilges in preparation for a new coat of paint to brighten up the interior.

With the engines reconnected, the props certified and attached all that was left was to hear the timeless call from the Pilot… “All Clear!”

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Images courtesy of Grant Hopkins


From there it was time to present PBY Canso C-FUAW to the folks, beginning with the BC Aviation Museum Open House.